1. This society shall be known as the “Hallelujah Oratorio Society”, hereafter referred to as the “ Society”.

2. The place of business of the Society shall be at “52 Chin Swee Road #03-25, Singapore 160052”, or such other business address as may subsequently be decided upon by the Executive Committee and approved by the Registrar of Societies. The Society shall carry out its activities only in places and premises which have prior written approval from the relevant authorities.

3. The objects of the Society are to promote church music in praise of GOD and for the benefit of mankind through performing at concerts and conventions, conducting training courses and publishing music literature.

4. All reborned and baptized Christians, irrespective of Denomination and over the age of 16 may apply for membership. Those below 21 years of age will not be accepted as members without parent’s written consent. All members of the Society shall have the right to vote in the General Meeting.

5. To become a member of the Society, a person shall be first auditioned by the Music Director or the Conductor. His/Her application will be subjected to approval by the Executive Committee.

6. Every member shall endeavour to improve his/her musical capability in order to offer the best to GOD.

7. Every member shall attend all rehearsals and performances of the Society punctually and faithfully.

8. An entrance fee of $35.00 is payable upon approval of membership by the Executive Committee.

9. Members’ Subscription is $50.00 per month.
Any member who applies for long leave of absence is required to pay the full Annual Subscription.

10. The Executive Committee shall have the discretion to revise the Annual Subscription at any time.

11. Special offerings for particular purposes may be raised with the consent of a General Meeting of the members.

12.1 Upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances, the Executive Committee shall have the right to terminate a person’s membership in the Society:-

(a) if the member fails to attend rehearsals of the Society’s performances for more than three times within three months without the consent and approval from the Executive Committee or the Music Director;

(b) if the member who has applied for long leave of absence fails to pay the Annual Subscription for a period of 12 months.

12.2 If a member resigns from membership pursuant to Article 14 or whose membership in the Society has been terminated in accordance with Article 12(1), and subsequently rejoins as a member, recognition of such member's Long Service by the Society will be accredited only from the date such member rejoins the Society.

13. The Executive Committee reserves the right to expel any member who is guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interest of the Society.

14. Any member who wishes to resign from his/her membership shall notify the Executive Committee in writing.

15. The supreme authority is vested in a General Meeting of members presided over by the President. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of March. At this meeting, the annual report and accounts for the previous financial year shall be received, office-bearers for the following term elected, and any other business of which due notice has been given shall be considered. At least two weeks’ written notice will be given of an Annual General Meeting and at least ten (10) days’ written notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given.

16. Any member who wishes to propose a motion at an Annual General Meeting shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than one week before the date of the meeting. meeting.

17. The Executive Committee may at any time for any special purpose call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the members, upon a requisition in writing of not less than five members. At least 10 days’ notice in writing shall be given of such a meeting, and no business other than that of which notice has been given shall be transacted at such a meeting.

18. A least one quarter of the total membership of the Society present at General Meeting shall form a quorum. In the event of there being no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour and should the number then present be insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend or make additions to any of the existing rules unless the resolution is passed by a two-thirds majority of those present.

19. At a General Meeting, a resolution put to the vote of the Meeting shall be decided by a show of hands or a majority votes of the members of the Society present at such Meeting when put to vote. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a second casting vote.

20. An Executive Committee shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of the following: -

a. A President
b. Two Vice Presidents
c. An Honorary Secretary
d. An Honorary Treasurer
e. Four Ordinary Committee Members

21. The duties of the office-bearers shall be as follows :
a. The President shall preside at all Executive Committee Meetings and General Meetings of the Society and shall represent the Society in its dealings with the Public.

b. The two Vice-Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties.

c. The Honorary Secretary shall keep all correspondence of the Society, minutes of all meetings as well as updating the members’ register.

d. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep records of all funds and the accounts of the Society. He/She will not keep more than S$500.00 in the form of cash; and he/she shall deposit all excess money in the bank named by the Executive Committee. Cheques or other forms of payment for withdrawals from the bank will be signed by any two signatories of the Honorary Treasurer, the President or the Vice Presidents.

e. The Four Ordinary Committee Members are to be assigned duties according to the current needs of the Society.

22. All office bearers in the Executive Committee shall be elected by the members at alternate Annual General Meeting for a term of two (2) years. Except the Honorary Treasurer who may be re-elected to the same post for not more than two (2) consecutive terms, all members in the Executive Committee may be re-elected to the same or related post for consecutive terms. Any changes in the Executive Committee shall be notified to the Registrar of Societies and the Commissioner of Charities within two (2) weeks of the change.

23. The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times a year. At least one half of the members of the Executive Committee present shall form a quorum at such meetings. The Executive Committee shall act by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

24. The Executive Committee shall invite competent and suitable person(s) to be Music Director(s) for the Society. The Music Director(s) may attend the Executive Committee meetings as ex officio.

25. The Music Director(s) shall invite competent and suitable persons to be the Conductor and the Accompanist(s) for the Society.

26. Sub-committees consisting of members may be appointed by the Executive Committee to perform specific functions as and when necessary.

27. Two members, not being members of the Executive Committee, will be elected as Honorary Auditors at each Annual General Meeting and will hold office for two years. They will be required to audit each financial year’s accounts and present a report upon them to the Annual General Meeting. They may be required by the President to audit the Society’ s accounts at any time during their tenure of office and make a report to the Executive Committee. The financial year of the Society shall be from 1st January to 31st December of the same year.

28. If the Society at any time acquire any immovable property, such property shall be vested in Trustees subject to a declaration of trust. The trustees of the Society shall not effect any sale or mortgage of property without prior approval of the General Meeting of members. Any trustee may at any time resign his trusteeship. If a trustee dies or becomes a lunatic or of unsound mind or moves permanently or is absent from the Republic of Singapore for a period of one year, he shall be deemed to have resigned his trusteeship. If a trustee is guilty of misconduct of such a kind as a render it undesirable that he continue as trustee, a General Meeting may remove him from his trusteeship. Vacancies in the trusteeship may be filled at a General Meeting, but the number of trustees shall not be greater than four or less than two. Notice of any proposal to remove a trustee must be given by affixing in the premises of the Society a document containing such proposal at least two weeks before the General Meeting at which the proposal is to be discussed. The result of such meeting shall then be notified to the Registrar of Societies. The addresses of immovable properties, names of trustees and any subsequent changes must be notified to the Registrar of Societies and the Commissioner of Charities.

29. (a) Gambling of any kind, excluding the promotion or conduct of a private lottery which has been permitted under the Private Lotteries Act Cap. 250, is forbidden on the Society’ s premises. The introduction of materials for gambling or drugs and of bad characters into the premises is also prohibited.

(b) The funds of the Society shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court.

(c) *(i) The Society shall not engage in any Trade Union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.

(ii) The Society shall not attempt to restrict or interfere with trade or make directly or indirectly any recommendation to, or any arrangement with its members which has the purpose or is likely to have the effect of fixing or controlling the price or any discount, allowance or rebate relating to any goods or services to be supplied by them.

(d) The Society shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Society or its office-bearers, Executive Committee or members..

(e) The Society shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its fund and or premises to be used for political purposes.

(f) The Society shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing of the Registrar of Societies and other relevant authorities.

30. Any proposal to alter, delete or add to these rules shall first be discussed at a Executive Committee meeting. No alterations, deletions or additions to these rules shall be made except by resolution passed by at least a 2/3 majority at a General Meeting, and they shall not come into force without the prior sanction of the Registrar of Societies and the Commissioner of Charities.

31. In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressly provided for in the rules, the Executive Committee shall have power to use their own discretion.

32. In the event of any dispute arising among members, the Executive Committee shall use its discretion to attempt to resolve the dispute amicably. Should the Executive Committee be unable to resolve the dispute, it may refer the matter to a Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of members in accordance with the provisions in this Constitution. Should the members fail to resolve the matter, they may bring the matter to a Court of Law for settlement.

33. a) Whenever a member of the Executive Council is in any way, directly or indirectly, has an interest in a transaction or project or other matter to be discussed at a meeting, the member shall disclose the nature of his interest before the discussion on the matter begins.

b) The member concerned should not participate in the discussion or vote on the matter, and should also offer to withdraw from the meeting and the Executive Council shall decide if this should be accepted.

34. In the event that the Society ceases to be a registered charity under the Charities Act, all debts, liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Society shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds will be contributed to charitable organizations with similar objectives in Singapore which are registered under the Charities Act as the members may determine at the General Meeting, unless otherwise allowed by the Commissioner of Charities.

35. a) The Society shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than 3/5 of the member of the Society for the time being resident in Singapore expressed, either in person or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

b) In the event of the Society being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Society shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds will be donated to a Charitable Organization with similar objectives in Singapore which is registered under the Charities Act Cap. 37, the name of which shall be decided at the General Meeting convened for the purpose.

c) Notice of dissolution shall be given within 7 days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies and the Commissioner of Charities.